My Background in Martial Arts and Me!

February 3, 2017



Hi my name is Paul Rielly and I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo

I started training in Martial Arts when I was 16 years old after watching a Movie called the Last Ninja, which really got me to start my first class, however I always had an interest in Martial Arts before this.


When I was younger my father and I would watch Bruce Lee on Tv on Sat nights I was amazed at how fast Bruce Lee was and his technique was amazing, I wanted to be like him.

There was lots of inspirational tv shows, Monkey, Kung-Fu and the Master etc.

I was a very shy kid and didn't have much confidence and was diagnosed with Asthma, Eczema, and was also born with a lack of Calcium which was not picked up which caused a few deformities in parts of my body, (Rib Cage, Feet, Hands and Hips)

I also had allergies to some foods which gave me a restrictions on what I could eat, especially Protein as I could not eat Fish and Egg with a few other products as well, so my diet was not good and ended up eating lots of Chocolate and Crisps etc which did not help my weight gain and was very skinny through out my child hood, even into my teenage years and young adult life.


Anyway as I mentioned 16 was the year I took that step and started my first Taekwondo class with my Father, turned out he really enjoyed it as well, as he was always into fitness with being a Bodybuilder as Mr Scotland, Mr Grampian, Mr Edina and 4th in the Mr Britain.


I trained with the local club until I was around 19, 20 years old, off and on, as I was playing in band so I was not really dedicating myself to it. I eventually stopped training in Martial Arts at blue belt and was focusing on my music which was playing Guitar. 

After a few years of playing gigs around Edinburgh, I decided that this wasn't for me and my passion was Fitness and Martial Arts, I started back at my old club again in 1996 and 1997 and met a few new faces and became friends with 2 people James, and Davie. I started training with them, but during that time I picked up a few injuries but kept positive and kept on training.


As like all clubs things got political and I followed another instructor who broke away from the main club, I trained with them and gained my Black Belt in 2005. During the early Taekwondo training from 98 I was also doing Wing Chun Kung Fu, for 2 years and took my first grading, the classes were small and it eventually closed down, My friend Davie was training with Rick Young and I joined him to train there for a few years doing JKD, mixture of boxing, Thai Boxing and Kickboxing Wing Chun. Due to getting Married in 2000 to my first wife I stopped training and had off and on sessions with my Friend Davie through out early 2000 till I started back to Taekwondo and gained my Black Belt in 2005, from then on I started teaching with the other Club and training and eventually due to further political problems I left that club and carried on with my own club with the ITS (Independent Taekwondo Schools) 


One thing I have learnt in life is always believe in yourself no matter what, and follow your dreams, some people get to their dreams later than others but keep moving forward and you will get there. My next Blog will be about goal setting.


Until next time, Keep positive and motivated!


Paul Rielly

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