Welcome to Edinburgh Taekwondo
Edinburgh Taekwondo is associated to the Independent Taekwondo Schools under the Director of the School Master J Swift VI Degree. The ITS was formed in 1998 where several like-minded instructors decided on a new direction for their taekwondo , a direction to benefit their members and the need for affordable martial arts & opportunities for all.


Paul Rielly

Paul Rielly is a 2nd Dan Black Belt In Taekwondo. He started Training in Taekwondo in 1990. He got to Blue belt and then due to other comitments he had to stop training. in early 2002 he started training again and gained his 1st dan black belt in 2005.


He then started training in other Martial Art styles from Muai Thai, Wing Chun and Boxing.


In Jan 2014 he gained his 1st Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing under Ian Fox with Fox Martial Arts.


Paul is also a Qualified Personal Trainer gaining Body Combat instructor and Kettlebell instructor qualifications as well.

Foundation and history of Tae Kwon-Do

Martial Arts have been practised in Korea for many centuries. During the research and development of Tae Kwon-Do, Major General Choi Hong-Hi studied these ancient forms of Korean fighting such as Soo Bak-Gi and Taek Kyon as well as the Japanese fighting style of Karate.

Although these styles influenced General Choi, he created a myriad of techniques, especially noted in the variety of hand techniques and the perfection of foot techniques


The foundation of this new Korean Martial Art was completed on April 11th 1955 and was given the name Tae Kwon-Do.


From that moment onwards Tae Kwon-Do has continued to grow in popularity,and some of the first practitioners of Tae Kwon-Do went on to create new schools in other countries. It was introduced into the United Kingdom in 1967 by Rhee Ki Ha.

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